Toyota Production System

TPS (Grade IV) Certificate Program

By TMS TPS Certificate Institute & Toyota Engineering Corporation – Japan

Toyota Production System (TPS), also known as Lean Management is considered as the world’s most successful strategy for operational excellence. This methodology was born, raised and evolved at Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan for seven decades and is now being used as a strategic weapon for businesses, governments, and institutes around the world.

Toyota Engineering Corporation (TEC) was established in early 2000 to popularize the Total Toyota Production System or Lean Management across the world. Currently, they have certified more than 5000 professionals across the globe. The Lean Senseis at TEC possess decades of hands-on experience in developing, sustaining, and improving lean management concepts at Toyota and affiliated companies

TPS certification provides the most authentic, up to date, practical knowledge and application on Toyota Production System (Lean Management).  Lean TPS Level IV certification is an essential step for manufacturing leaders to develop “must-know” practical skills in lean


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“Studying the TPS system helped me to structure my working organization and prioritize my time on tasks for better results in my work life”

Yohann Autret
Batch 03 | February – April 2022
ECLOR Enterprises
Japan & Korea Sales Manager

TPS Certification Journey

TPS Grade IV Program Content

  • Introduction and Warm up Session
  • Getting to know Lean Management
  • Value, value-adding, and waste
  • Setting up a lean manufacturing process in a new facility
  • Value Stream Mapping for business
  • Important points to know when implementing lean management
  • Explanation of Lean Vocabulary
  • Practical challenges of lean implementation and how to overcome
  • Introduction to Toyota Production System (Lean Management), Just In Time & Jidoka
  • The background of lean management and TPS
  • Sharing value within the company
  • Introduction to pull production
  • The concept of JIDOKA
  • Big lot production & Small lot production
  • Q&A
  • Simulation of workplace
    • Quality Circles
    • Multi skill development
    • Suggestion systems
    • Safety and Ergonomics 
    • Role of supervisors
    • Human resource development
    • Enhancement of welfare facilities
  • Working environment preparation & improvement techniques
  • Preparation and improvement of workplace
  • Q&A
  • 5S in revitalizing the workplace
  • Kaizen examples
  • Performance analysis board
  • Pacemaker, Andon, Quality control board, Line with fixed position stopping system 
  • Stock control
  • Preparation of operational standards
    • Standardized production capacity sheet
    • Working Instruction Sheet, Work Sequence Sheet
    • Standard worksheet and Standardized Work combination Sheet
    • Yamazumi Chart
    • Quality Check Standard
  • Q&A
  • Kaizen in Operation
    • Three factors of Standard work
    • Elimination of Muda
  • Operating rate and operational availability
  • True efficiency and apparent efficiency
  • Process lead-time reduction
  • Kaizen in the production flow
  •  Leveled production (Heijunka), Large production, and Small lot production
  • One-piece at a time production
  • Kaizen in production layout (U shaped layout)
  • The order of Kaizen
  • Logistics Kaizen – Kanban System
  • Frequent conveyance, Mixed load conveyance, Sequential part withdrawal, Parts withdrawal based on body production
  • Material Handling in the plant
    • Sequential parts loading (Jundate) , Grouping delivery, On-call Andon system, Grouping small parts, Containerless flow, Fixed course pick up system
  • Kanban System
    • Parts withdrawal kanban, Production instruction kanban 
  • 6 Rules of Kanban adoption
  • KanbanManagement 
    • Deciding the number of kanbans
    • Kanban calculation formula
  • Equipment kaizen and TPM
  • Advanced Kaizen and Simultaneous Engineering Activity
  • QA Network
  • Production Preparation
  • TPS Grade IV Examination (80 MCQs | 60 Mins)

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