Profit & Culture Unlock Program


What is PCUP?

PCUP© (Profit & Culture Unlock Program) is an organization-wide collaborative approach in unlocking a significant bottom-line dollar saving for the organization while developing a sustainable continuous improvement culture. There are two approaches for PCUP; Top-down and Bottom-up.

The top-down approach is mainly facilitated through the Jishuken methodology which is a leadership-driven cross-functional project execution mechanism where the base for the projects are stemmed from a comprehensive loss analysis and a value stream mapping activity. All the projects are validated against the financial bottom-line impact and supported by A3 thinking and visual management approaches.

The bottom-up approach is mainly governed by Gemba Kaizen and Quality Circles. These activities activate the shopfloor people and enable a continuous improvement mindset in workers to create sustainable unique competitive advantage


Benefits of PCUP for Your Organization

1.Bottomline $$$ Saving: Identify and work with teams to create tangible financial & nonfinancial outcomes to achieve targeted bottom-line impact through implementation of key lean tools and sustainable lean management system.

2.Capacity Improvement: Identify and improve installed capacity in the manufacturing facility through developing capability in people to do value stream analysis, loss identification and planning system alignment.

3.Establishing a Contineous Improvement Culture:  Both Jishuken and Gemba Kaizen help to develop a psychologically safe culture that harnesses the creativity and brainpower of everybody in the organization. The achieved improvements in the bottom line and capacity will be sustained and continuously improved by the internal teams..

4.Long-term Vision Alignment: Establish the sense of true-north vision and develop a systematic approach in cascading the vision to the grassroots levels through the concept of “Hoshin Kanri”, Strategic A3s, and Visual Management Techniques.

5.People Development: Develop lean leadership traits through training and coaching to unleash workforce creativity and potential through continuous improvement & kaizen mindset..

6.Work Optimization: Work content definition, standardization and optimization through work-study techniques to improve multiskilled capabilities in the workforce.

7.Value Stream Collaboration: Identify key value streams and allocate cross-functional teams to collaboratively work in achieving the common targets.

8.Operational Stability: Creating operational stability in processes by identifying and eliminating wastes and implementing standard work and continuous improvement habits at every level of the organization.

Why PCUP Now?

High overhead costs, performance losses, underutilized capacity, issues with customer service, and lack of innovation are some of the many problems that any organization would want to solve. However many organizations find it difficult to develop sustainable solutions by digging into the root causes, but rather try to deal with the surface level of the problems without developing long-term solutions. PCUP gives the total solution for an organization by systematically understanding the root causes of the surface issues, collaboratively developing the countermeasures with proven lean methodologies, coaching teams on practical application, and creating a sustainable continuous improvement culture with a significant bottom-line impact.


How PCUP Works?

1.Understanding the Business Need: ICEES Senior Lean Coaches visit the premises and discuss with the top leadership to understand the high-level problem and underlying issues. Then they scan the facility through “Gemba Walk” and high-level “Company Health Check” analysis.

2.Analyze the Business Problem: ICEES deploys a team to further understand the problem by conducting loss analysis, value stream analysis, raw material analysis, and process constraint analysis to identify the bottleneck processes and critical areas to improve.

3.Setup Targets: After understanding the improvement opportunities, the ICEES team enlightens the senior leadership on potential opportunities and agrees on SMART targets.

4.Assign Jishuken Teams: Based on the identified project scopes, cross-functional teams headed by the senior leadership will be allocated to drive the projects.

5.Jishuken Project Mapping: The identified project areas are collaboratively analyzed using Loss analysis and value stream mapping techniques. This allows teams to see together and act together as collaborative workstreams

6.Develop Strategic A3s: With the Jishuken Project Identification, the ICEES team provides the knowledge on A3 development for Jishuken Projects. Once the project A3s are drafted, all the projects will be visualized to create a visual management environment.

7.Financial Impact Validation: Financial Bottom-line impact for all the projects will be validated with the CFO of the organization

8.Shopfloor Activation: Worker and Supervisor level teams are given the knowledge on Lean and Kaizen techniques. Then Quality Circles are formed to create teamwork and a continuous improvement mindset among every level of the organization.

9.Jishuken Project Execution: Review cadence and guidelines are given for each team to work on the projects. Religious reviews will be conducted for each project and coaching and guidance will be provided based on the need

10.Training & Development of Teams (Based on project requirement priority may change)

  • Process mapping, Swimlane mapping, STW, Yamazumi, and Job Instruction Training
  • Quick Changeover, SMED, Activity Analysis, 5 Step approach for QCO
  • Total Productive Maintenance (Planned & Autonomous Maintenance), MTTR, MTBF, Spare-part management, Machine related quality
  • Built-In Quality for Process, Material, and information flow mapping, QSM, Introduction to Six Sigma, DMAIC
  • Advanced Lean Leadership tools, management system development, Kamishibai, Nemawashi, and Leaders Standardized Work
  • Human Value Stream, Suggestion Systems, Quality Circles, and TL GL Structure
  • New Product Development, Oobeya, Chief Engineer, Simultaneous Engineering and Advanced Kaizen

11.Project finalization and result evaluation.

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