Lean Leader\’s Organizer


Lean Leader\’s Organizer 2021 (LLO) assists you to plan, track, and self-improve new lean leadership habits and routines. A lean leader is someone who enables a continuous learning culture across the organization by creating customer value at the lowest possible cost. Lean leadership is developed through constant lean management habits and routines of practice. The leader\’s behavior is a key success factor in a lean transformation initiative.

Lean Leader’s Organizer 2021 comprises of Vision painting space, Gap identification space, 4 Strategy A3 planners, Annual planning board, Monthly activity prioritization space, Lean Leadership models and instructions, Daily habit planner & tracker with one week per two pages, Lean Leadership habit score indicator, Weekly habit score graph, Monthly self-reflection (Hansei) guidelines, Quarterly self-assessment, 24 Five Why and Gemba Kaizen formats and Blank notes pages. These are systematically structured with guidelines for any leader to intuitively assist them in planning, tracking, and improving essential lean leadership habits.


How Lean Leader\’s Organizer Works


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What is Inside the LLO

? Vision Board (4 Pages with examples)

Leader can plan the future of his organization and draw, sketch or paint the vision in the blank space provided.


? Five “A3 Thinking” Formats (10 Pages with example)

A3 thinking is an effective planning and organizing technique that is used by the lean leaders. It follows PDCA thinking that lays perfect foundation to summarize, articulate and execute the projects


? Annual & Monthly Planners (8 Pages)

Leaders can list down their annual and monthly planned work. It helps to amalgamate different actions planned in different places and see the full list of work available for the month


? Leader’s Standard Work for 365 Days

Leaders can plan their lean routines daily and take reflection at the end of the day. The space is provided for 7 days of the week and time slots expanding from 8.00 to 18.00. There is space to measure the plane to performance success rate for each week. Leader can see the percentage of achievement every week and plan the next week to become better.


? Lean Habit Progress Tracker

Tracking space with gridlines are provided to indicate weekly performance in one graph. This helps the leader to track the progress of his/her achievement of the plan


? Monthly Reflection & Evaluation

Each month the leaders can reflect what went right, what went wrong and plan next month’s activities based on that reflection


? 24 “5 Why” & Gemba Kaizen Formats

Two 5 why problem-solving activities can be recorded per month and altogether 24 five why formats are available for recording purposes.


? 62 Blank Pages

Leaders can write notes on the black pages.

Material Description

  • A5 Journal with Black PVC print with matte lamination and 280 inner pages with 80 gsm art paper + 150 gsm artboard with color print
  • Machine section sewn binding
  • Box – A5 size box with matte black hard board

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