Today, more organizations are looking for both digital and mechanical automation opportunities to deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention. Investing in an automation system is a critical decision with the high cost, time, and resources required. Correct understanding and simplification of the current business process is crucial for an efficient, accurate, and sustainable automation system implementation.

SPARq is all about simplifying current processes and creating a “waste-free”, automation-enabled, lean future state that lays the foundation for smooth implementation of desired automation methodology.

What SPARq Offers You

Comprehensive current state analysis of the client’s processes using the most suitable mapping technique for respective business categories. (ICEES Lean Transformation Consultants possess 150+ years of collective experience in Airlines, Textile, Porcelain, Agriculture, Food and Tobacco industries)

Quantification of Wastes, Manual activities, and Semi-Automated activities in the current state and provide practical countermeasures to Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange & Simplify process steps to achieve significant improvement in the process.

An automation-enabled, waste-free, lean future state map which is defined in collaboration with client company and automation service provider.

A scientific change management program to guide, coach, and train client company employees to embrace and internalize the new system.

What SPARq Offers You

Businesses can automate mundane rules-based business processes, enabling business users to devote more time to serving customers or other higher-value work. ERP system development, Robotic Process Automation and Industry 4.0 applications are some of the digital automation interventions many businesses are considering. According to Accenture, about 70% of automation efforts are failed due to various reasons.  Two of the most common reasons are shown below.

  1. Process Automation without eliminating the wastes and variations  in the current process

  2. Developing automation systems with less focus on business process future state

SPARq scientifically identifies wastes and variations in the current process and systematically develop the waste free simplified future-state process that act as the foundation for automation implementation.

Certified Lean

Practitioner Green Belt

The Certified Lean Practitioner Green Belts actively lead operational lean improvement projects in the organization, assisted by Lean Leader Black Belts. The Lean Practitioner acts as a catalyst of change to achieve significant improvements in overhead cost, quality and lead-times while inculcating the continuous improvement thinking in the employees. The Lean Practitioners will,


Why Choose Our Lean Practitioner Green Belt

Profit & Culture Unlock Program

Introducing PCUP (Profit & Culture Unlock Program), a meticulously crafted initiative aimed at resolving profitability challenges while fostering a lean company culture. This comprehensive program is specifically designed to empower your workforce, nurturing them into self-driven problem solvers. By adopting an organization-wide approach, PCUP facilitates the reduction of operational costs while concurrently enhancing customer value. The program enables sustainable growth by fostering a continuous improvement culture,resulting in cost reduction and increased reve

Simplified Work

Revitalized People

Result-bases Payment

PCUP "626 Transformation Strategy"

What GLIDE Offers

Dedicated Lean Resources

Full Time Resources + Dedicated subject expert pool with 150 years of cross industry experience

Tested & Proven Transformation Strategy

Currently practiced in many industries. Very low risk of failure

Smart Lean Operating System

Fully connected digital savvy smart lean operating system that acts as your company DNA

Focused Lean Practitioner Green Belt Program

20-24 Process owners to get certified as Lean Practitioner Green Belts

Risk-free Easy Exit Opportunity

There is no stress in recruiting or career planning. Easy to exit if needed

Why Choose Our Lean Practitioner Green Belt

Why Choose Our Lean Practitioner Green Belt